The Automatic door project will create the best quality, comfortable and guaranteed living space for you.

Theoretical understanding should be an extension of the concept of the door, which is the development and improvement of the function of the door according to the needs of the person. An automatic door is a control unit that can recognize a person’s approach to the door (or an entry authorization) as a door open signal, open the door through the drive system, automatically close the door after the person leaves, and open and close the process. A system that implements control.

There are three main types of induction automatic door body switch and closure: translational automatic door, curved automatic door, and rotary Automatic door . The basic components of the induction automatic door machine are basically the same. With the above structure and the door opening signal, it can be configured as a simple automatic door system. The system configuration of the automatic door refers to the peripheral auxiliary control device, such as the door open signal source, the access control system, the safety device, and the centralized control, which are equipped according to the use requirements and connected to the automatic door controller. Must be based on the characteristics of the building.